About Us

Welcome to The Sophisticated Sunflower


I grew up surrounded by creative family members: singers (sister), dancers(sisters), poets(aunt/sister), writer(sister), composer(sister), pianist (father/sister) architect(uncle), builders (great-grandfather/father), interior decorators(aunt),seamstress(aunt), cook(mother/aunt/sisters) and artist(grandmother/sister).

With so many creative people for inspiration, singing, decorating, renovating and floral design just came naturally. Decorating has been a life-long passion I have never been able to get enough of.

(This was a faux marble project I did before I added the shadows and light to give it depth. Failed to snap a shot of the after but this was close to the finished product.)

Home is, naturally, where all the important things happen. It's where we grow up. It’s where we grow our personal relationships, study, rest, celebrate, occasionally mourn, gather for reunions, eat, pray and design our lives. Because home is one of our most important spaces, I’ve always wanted it to be a place where my children felt safe, where they felt inspired to set their goals, where they could share their concerns about life, where they dreamed the dreams of who they wanted to become and a place where they’d want to come back to again and again. For me, that not only meant healthy, yummy meals and traditions but an atmosphere that inspired all these happy events.

A 1980’s rejuvenated yellow oak floored, pink-blonde cabinet, bright blue and pink floral wall-papered sleeper becomes a classic Victorian in all it’s brightness and color.

A 8 year old project. Styles and colors have already evolved today but still lives under classic style. Cabinets were originally pink/blond maple with unmemorable light gray formica counters, shiny brass lighting and light yellow oak floors.

I’ve spent 3 decades striving to do just that. 5 children, 3 sons and daughter in-law, 8 grandchildren and hopefully more to come! I’ve made a lot of mistakes as I’ve tried to employ the elements of beautiful decorating not only at home but in every space I’ve had the privilege to create or recreate. But there are lessons, even in those decorating blunders. But what great fun it is to mix pleasing colors, durable yet comfortable furniture and fabrics and collect meaningful accessories.

Medical Clinic Design by The Sophisticated Sunflower 2015 Lots of room for wheel-chairs but still a feeling of comfort. Murals are back folks!

Loved how this ceiling turned out at this Sophisticated Sunflower project. A few were very concerned about the choice of green but we converted them in the end ;-)! The colors of nature always work. Looks great with the gunmetal gray exterior. Fresh and modern! (This was a breezeway)

Through it all, I learned some valuable decorating rules and guidelines that had I known sooner, could have saved a bundle, saved time and saved the stress behind getting the design that suited my, my husband and the diverse needs of my family. I learned tricks to fix outdated home surfaces without breaking the budget. I learned how to create...hopefully to all who entered, a warm and comfortable home while raising a pretty rumbustious crew! And most of all, I learned how to simplify decorating fundamentals into 5 easy steps. I’d like to share that with you. I hope you’ll check back often as we unveil these steps and to see what we are up to and how we can help you create your magical space!

Happy decorating!